About Us

Established in 2006, Taylormade First Aid Solutions is an Australian owned and operated Registered Training Organisation based in River Hills Queensland. Taylormade offers a wide range of first aid and certificate courses for individuals at our public courses as well as for corporate customers in our onsite private courses. Taylormade’s experienced trainers will contextualise your onsite training to your industry and draw from a wealth of industry and training experience to make your course both thorough and engaging.

Training is also available outside of daytime working hours.
This includes organisations who are registered with the state/territory authorities to offer accredited training for VET sector courses. It also includes private providers who are registered with state/territory authorities to offer higher education courses. Only the accredited courses offered by these institutions are included.

Taylormade First Aid Solutions and Taylormade Training Australia

Both organisations are owned and operated by Redrock Enterprises Pty Ltd for further information on our training services please contact Wendy on 07 32796276

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